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They started with Pamela's foundation and the girls were all ooohing and aaahing at the sexy thong panty and hot demi-bra and stockings and garter bel... that she'd personally picked out to wear underneath her sexy looking white bridal gown. They all knew that Pamela certainly wasn't a virgin, but then no one gave up wearing a white bridal gown just because they'd already lost their virginity. Sure, she didn't have her cherry anymore but it wasn't like she'd been fucking every guy she went out. She looked a bit tired, but also triumphant. “Your Majesty, I ran into Farkas on his way here to report to you. Your eastern forces completely routed the Argonians. Mournhold and all of Morrowind are back in the hands of the Dunmer.”I frowned. “That’s good news, but ... unexpected.”Farkas said, “It was the strangest thing. There were a bunch of Argonians moving up with the Altmer wizards in their army. Right before we thought there was going to be a big battle between the forces moving south. She knew where everything was. Jim followed staying out of sight. He watched as she went into the dark garage and he slipped in behind her, but he could not follow, he did not want to bump something and make his presence known. She opened the fridge door, the light inside giving him just enough light to see the way. He quietly walked toward her. He was right behind her now. Very quietly he said, ‘Do you need a hand with that?’ She jumped. He had scared her. ‘Oh, Jim! I didn’t know you were. As we entered my Mum said hi to various of them using their first names, she also stopped to kiss a few. I noticed their hands always lingered around my Mums bottom. One guy in fact held it for a time and kissed her on the lips for a time.“That’s Marco Hun.” She informed me. “That’s a real Man.” She giggled.We sat on high stools at the bar and ordered two long multi colored drinks with all sorts of stuff sticking out of them.The men drank tall glasses of what looked like fruit juice. My Mum.

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