Tamil Uncle Affair with Multiple Aunty Part 5

Dann setze sie sich zu den anderen Damen auf die Couch. War das ein geiler Anblick. Mein Schwanz stand wie eine Eins. Edit meinte das ich jetzt allen ...ieren die Fotze lecken müsste was ich auch mit großer Begeisterung tat. Sie hatte den Damen wohl von meinen Leckkünsten erzählt und wollte nun auch alle geleckt werden. Nach und nach leckte ich ihnen die Fotze so richtig geil bis zum Orgasmus. Mein Gesicht war schon völlig verschmiert vom Fotzenschleim der Damen. Dann knieten sie sich alle vier. I told him he was very pretty. He told me he hoped I would like him as he arranged to stay longer in the hope we could spend time together.He asked me to open my robe, which I did. His eyes lit up as he feasted on my fit body (sigh, those were the days) and my engorged cock. He moved towards me and put his arms round my waist under the robe. My cock pressing against his stomach as his hands caressed my butt and we kissed. My hands explored his back and butt, his skin was soft and his kiss was. Our target is the only one that can get to the general now. I think we should help him do so."Looking around both groups, Evelyn and Ruslan could see the barely contained anger. Then they both watched as both groups looked at each other and then their leaders. Almost as if on cue, all of both groups started to nod their agreement."Alright, I need to meet with our target again though," Here Evelyn sighed. "With the speed they are going it might take longer than I want it."Both computer experts. Framing you, well I was hoping that you would have ended up exposing to the world the existence of vampires. You see it was an attempted exposure my dear. Oh well, no big loss, the world will know soon enough I guess." "Medusa, don't be crazy, mortals will destroy us if they know about us." "Not if they are all women," Medusa said as she hung up. All women, she was crazy, but she did have her gender elixir that could conceivably do just that. Medusa was definitely up to no good and we knew.

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