Getting fucked hard by my first big dick

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We were drinking and having a good time, listening to music, and playing games. We rang in the New Year, and then, about 1:00 a.m., I saw “the look...” I wish I could describe it better, but it was the kind of look that a woman gives you when she thinks you are just a ridiculous piece of shit or something. Once I saw that, I knew that she was about to get belligerent. I was somehow able to get her to head down the hall to our bedroom. I helped get her undressed and into bed while she started. Next I painted a flurry of kisses and caresses to the inside of her leg all the way up to but not on her pubic region. I then moved to the outside of her other leg and repeated the process all over again. This time I bypassed her pubes and proceeded up to those dual mountains of exquisite pleasure called breasts. I circled the base of one breast in ever decreasing circles until I ended up at her very erect nipples where I kissed, licked and sucked like a newborn seeking nourishment. Grace was. She was certain that his tongue was longer than it should have been. She could feel it slithering through her deepest recesses like some unholy serpent. Everything she was feeling went beyond any other sensation in her life. This made masturbation feel like scratching a bug bite. It felt… it felt… so GOOD! She never wanted it to end! She prayed to God, begging him not to stop Xavier, but to forgive her for how much she was enjoying getting eaten out like this. It took only a few minutes for her. Soon I shot a huge load in her mouth which she drank and licked me clean. I was thinking of Rupali, she just had multiple orgasm, made me come in her and let her younger sis, suck me clean but she did not bother to satisfy Sita. Since I had already ejected twice in less than an hour I was not interested in carrying on. So I kissed Sita and said good night, lets sleep. They both went out and I tried to sleep. But the experience of being sucked and shooting in her mouth was playing like a CD.

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