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The result was even more embarrassing than the situation I was already in.Now my panties were around my knees with Rajiv holding them, with only my sh...rt skirt covering my buttocks. As the math’s teacher passed me I thought I saw him through the corner of my eyes looking at my legs, he must have seen the panties around my knees.As I reached to pull up my panties Rajiv even more quickly shoved them down to my ankles and put his foot on them. He lifted my leg with his hands Removed my panties and. Aur muh se chus rahi thi.Mahesh: Aur hila maderchod.Ravi ne maa ki saree bra aur panty uthar di. Maa puri nangi ho gayi thi. Ye dekh ke sab ke lund 8 inch ke ho gaye. Fir Ashok ne maa ki gand mein lund dala. Ravi maa ki chut chaat ne laga. Main aur Mahesh maa ke boobs chus ne lage. Maa ko bohut maaza kara tha.Mom: Ahh, aur chaato, kutto.Ravi apni zuban se deep tak lick kar ra ha tha. Fir main maa ki chut chat ne laga Ravi maa ke muh mein lund diya. Ashok boobs chus ne laga. Aur Mahesh maa ki. “Uuhhh fuck” she panted.I gave her a few moments to gather herself before edging my cock closer to her mouth again. She gave a half smile and slowly took my cock back into her mouth. She sucked me for a few more minutes at a much slower and more gentle pace. “I think I deserve more now” she grinned up to me. She got up to her knees and pulled me into her by my cock. Our lips met in a heated kiss. I cupped her ass in my hand and pulled her legs forward so she fell onto her back. I reached for. ” He pulled out and sat on the bed, looking out the front of the truck. Sara wiped the juices from her pussy onto her asshole, turned away from him and sat on his cock. Her boyfriend Brian had butt-fucked her several times but his cock was much smaller. She felt his stiff head at her backdoor and eased down. She was getting more and more excited and his cock inched further in, when suddenly Cliff grabbed her hips and thrust his manhood upward. She yelped with painful pleasure and began bouncing.

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