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”“Thank you, master,” she replied. I was amazed how ‘master’ just seemed to flow from her.“You have earned your spanking. Lay across my la....” Eagerly, Lisa crawled across my lap. Andy sat in front of Lisa, holding Lisa’s wrists in her hands.“I know you are going to love this,” she said with a grin.It was a spanking meant to create sexual need and the desire to have more spankings. The swats were clean, crisp, but not that hard. I spaced them, rubbing her ass, letting my hand caress her pussy. I couldn't help but think, that she was doing to me, what she had wanted to do to the dancers that night of the party.She and Tonya became very good friends. She and Tonya began going out for 'girls night out' every other Wed. night.Then a few weeks later, one morning after she'd been out with Tonya the night before, she asked me if I would meet her after work. "Let's meet for a few drinks at the Martini Club." She said.We'd not been out for drinks in ages.I had been there once, with an. In the dim light it resembled a cubist sculpture, or something out of a 1940's science fiction flick (Dr. Cyclops, eat your heart out!). Damned if it wasn't starting to resemble an oversize Tesla coil as I drew closer and squinted at it. Double damned. True, I'd built a couple of these babies a few years back, when I was in the midst of my brief fling with electrical engineering, but I'd never seen any near that size.She was attaching what appeared to be a heavy-duty cable harness to the. She was in her early twenties, almost two decades younger than I. But it seemed rude to say no, and her perfume was so subtly sweet, and it was a chance to talk in Italian. She got a vermouth, and leaned up against me as she drank. We were about the same height. Franca was wearing a black cotton party dress that was very high in front but showed off her back, where I could see the top of a line of Chinese characters that followed her spine downward into her dress. She had beautiful bare legs.

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