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He lay at my feet as I sat on the bed, facing up, making it easy for me to plant my feet on his nose and mouth, rubbing the sweaty fabric into him."My...feet are pretty bad, Wally," I sighed. "Suck 'em! Suck the sweat and grit off my dirty pantyhose!"He moaned and obeyed me, having no choice, running his tongue over the wet, rough soles as I rubbed them into his face, and over my heels and toes. I forced his mouth open with one foot at a time, ramming the other one inside."Suck toes," I snarled,. The alcohol was inhibiting me thinking straight, inhibiting me saying the right thing. I was stung. “Jesssh, just try to help.” I said coldly. I paused, scared at the anger in my voice. I calmed slightly. “You could just tell him, you know”. I was exasperated and wanted the conversation to move on.Beth was very quiet, meek.“Its you, dummy” she whispered.Oh my god. Oh my god. My heartbeat rocketed.Ok this actually made sense. Oh my god what had I been doing to her? I really was a shit.Beth must. I never knew they got that big. I felt his hand between my legs and a finger entered me, then another. I pulled his swim suit off and placed it on the side of the boat. I looked at my husband and he gave me a go ahead nod.. We were standing in waist deep water.I moved in close to him as we kissed. I took his hard cock and placed it between the folds of my very wet pussy. I felt pressure, then the mushroom head of his big dick slipped into my love channel. I felt fullness as he went deeper and. I was anxious, nervous, excited but more than anything, I was horny. A quick look at Jims cock wasn't going to satisfy me anymore. I wanted to touch it, lick it, kiss it and taste it in my mouth. I wanted Jim, too. I decided I was going to flirt and do everything possible to seduce Jim. My friend finished drying off and then went to his car for his cigarettes. I started flirting immediately. I told him that lots of girls think my friend is cute but I don't see it because he is way too young,..

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