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Despite our conversations being extremely in depth about just about everything under the sun, she always seemed to change the subject when it came to ...elationships.Over time though, I decided that I wanted to try and take our friendship to a new level. We had never done anything outside of class with each other. Not because either of us didn't want to, but just because neither had bothered to ask. Finally I decided I would take the chance and risk it. There was a reading and book signing by one. "'You didn't know there would be more than one.' Carlie said. 'You didn't know they'd try to take one of the girls.''Sure he did. It's the one thing we were most worried about, but he got cocky and figured the kid was all there was.' The darkness snarled."He's right. I got sloppy and arrogant. And because of me Peggy and Anya got hurt."'You didn't hurt them. You may not have protected them as well as you could have, but you didn't hurt them.' Granddad argued.'There is nothing you can do to. “What are you doing? I asked you, trying to see what was in your hands. “You are gonna with you were nicer to me.” You turned to face me with a grin on your face. You held in your hands a few neck ties. You walked over to the bed, climbed on me and started to tie me up; one for each hand and leg. I was completely at your mercy now and I didn’t mind it at all. Still holding one tie in your hands, you smiled at me. I could only guess what you were thinking. Before I knew it, everything went. I stepped out into the kitchen, listening to the sounds of the house. I had spent hours when I first came to this country, sitting in the dark thinking and listening to the old house. I was as familiar with its creaks as I was with my own body. I stood for a few minutes listening but couldn't hear anything out of place, so I went to the back door and locked it. Then I headed through the hall to the foyer in the dark, not making a sound. I got to the front door and looked out through the.

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