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In fact, she felt quite warm, and it was cozy snuggling against the hunk sitting next to her. Her husband wouldn't mind, because this was just delayin... her performing for some of the other men in the motel, all strangers to her; not friends like this really hunky bunch of men were. Mmm, they looked nice, smelled nice too.It was getting hot in the room. One of the men sitting in front of her took off his sweatshirt, revealing a really marvelous set of abs for a man his size. Heck, for a man any. Charlotte handed me her menu and looked at me as well."Well," I said, realizing that I was to order for us. "My stunning companion here will have the lamb, and I believe I'll have a steak, medium rare, sir, if you please." You do not care for an appetizer before you begin?"I looked at Charlotte and she shook her head in negation. She was famished."No. I think we'll get right down to the meal. Thanks." Very good. And to drink?" Can we get some wine?" I asked."I'm afraid not, sir," the waiter. I kept staring at her well shaped breasts hardly confined to her bra bulging as she breathed long and hard. She moved back a bit seeing my fingers approaching her breasts before she reached the edge of the bed. My fingers strode inside her bra and began feeling her chill hard her nipples. “Wait,” She signaled with her fingers. “Let me get rid of that as well.”She quickly removed her bra revealing her pinky round nipples which looked like cherry fruits placed atop an ice cream ball. My eyes had. “Will she like me, what if she thinks I am too small, overweight, too old, too young, not attractive….. God she is beautiful, please let her like me,” thoughts running through both our heads simultaneously, threatening to overwhelm, until something happens, something so small, so minor that years later we cannot recall what it was. But that something, causes something else to happen, something almost magical, we both smile, our eyes meeting for the first time and in that exact moment we both.

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