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When she announced that the lobby was clear of ferals, they moved forward cautiously. Each of their steps produced loud crunching sounds as they groun... bits of lead crystal from the fallen and broken chandeliers beneath their feet. They had only penetrated a few yards when they heard the crunch of glass behind them.Turning, Tom saw that at least thirty uniformed officers had followed them in. Before Tom could protest, one of them said, "Look detective, we know you told us to stay out of here,. Minutes before we were talking about boys and she asked me if one had ever "gone down" on me. I didn't know what she meant. "You what?" She seemed so shocked! "Oh, darlin' you need to know what that feels like. I'm damn near tempted to do it myself. A woman knows how to do it best, of course."A long silence followed her saying this. Something about that idea seemed forbidden and sexy. A lot of k**s in my school had sex pretty young. But, I hadn't yet. I just turned s*******n so I was legal.. He entered MrsC and began pumping her trying not to make too much noise as I went past she stopped me and told me to take my cock out again seconds later I was in her mouth again, only for a few seconds and she stopped saying there that's a start I have done what you asked and that's two cocks you got your wish, off I went to slowly make that coffee, all three of us sniggering I stopped in the door way and said if you think that is all you have another thing coming literally lass and out I went. Soon, I felt the thighs beneath me begin to tense and spasm slightly, so I dismounted him quickly, seating myself on his stomach and clutching his penis to the soft moist fur of my pussy and bouncing up and down against it gently. As he came, I laughed with outright abandon, staring up at the other two as the hot jets of semen arced upwards onto my belly and over my fingers and hands. When he had finished, and his penis began to limp downwards, I took my two sets of sticky fingers and circled.

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