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I pulled away from her mouth and began to kiss my way down her body. I laid soft kisses along her chin, down the side of her neck, across her collar b...ne and I finally found myself at the top of her breasts. I wasn't exactly sure how to do this, but I was willing to try my best. I removed my right hand from her ass and placed it on her left breast. She moaned more urgently as I massaged her breast, so I moved my mouth slowly down the slope of her right breast. I kissed and lightly sucked as I. No one would be riding today. Still somewhatdazed, I pottered about, clearing away riding boots, the glasses from theevening's drinks and Rosie's jade cigarette holder. I had done the dishesthe night before while Rosie was having her private chat with the girls.I began to wonder what that was all about, but the effect of my silkypyjamas on my newly sensitised skin and the ever present stimulation ofthe plug made it hard to gather my wits.I made a pot of tea, knowing that Rosie would appreciate. .Meri maama din bhar dukaan (shop) par busy rahte hai or wo sirf khana khane aate hai… Or wo month me ek do baar delhi jaate hai.Mai roj apni maami k sath din me chess khelta tha… Maami chess me inttni kho jaati thi ki unka pallu gir jaata or unko pata bhi nahi chalta.. Unki cleavage saaf dekhti thi… Ya dekh k mera lund khada ho jaata tha…. Kai baar maami notice ki… Or smile da k apne pallu theek kar leti thi…Jab wo apna kaam karti rahti thi to meri najar unke chuchi par hi rahta tha… Unki. I feel pain as the largest part of your head makes its way inside, and I tell you to stop so my hole can adjust to the feelling of you inside. After a few calming breaths, I push myself backward, taking all of you inside my waiting ass. A few twinges of pain, it starts to give way to pleasure that I can feel all the way down to my clit. I move up and down on your cock a few times, and that's all the encouragement you need. Placing both hands on either sides of my waist, you start to take.

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