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“How do you feel?”I didn’t tell her that my balls were in need of unleashing a huge load of cum. “I feel great!”I gave Nina a nice tip and l...ft the studio pretty fast. I was worried that I might say something that I should not, being in such an aroused state.There was no way I wanted to gamble on taking it to the next level with Nina. One of the other therapists there knew my significant other, and I did not want to risk Nina’s license on top of the potential grapevine drama.*As soon as I got. "You sure?" asked the detective."This is it. Room 213. Can I go now?" asked the young man, not wishing to be seen with the police."Oh, you'd like that wouldn't ya? You take off and leave us pounding on the door of some bogus hotel room" No, man. I swear." You're gonna have to do more than that," said the detective, grabbing Jimmy by the arm and pushing him ahead of them as they entered the lobby. Like most of the hotels in this part of town, the "lobby" was nothing more than a glorified hallway. ..................Sarah's plane landed after an uneventful flight some seven hours later. As she disembarked the plane and walked down the ramp into the terminal building, her heart raced. A flood of thoughts tumbled about in her mind. What if he doesn't like me? What if I can't do what he asks? What if he wants me to stay with him? She wanted to stop and think more about this, but the crowd behind her would not let her back down. She sucked in a deep breath as she entered the terminal. She. She smelled so sweet to him. He was like a hungry animal stalking his prey and all he could smell was the scent of her sweet blood thru her skin. He kissed her neck and slowly, methodically licked it, too. Savoring the flavor, so rich on his tongue.This was the night he had been waiting for his entire life. Which was a long time indeed. He could wait no longer!"My Franchesca, you are now my mate for all eternity, there will never be anyone to take your place in my heart, my soul, my mind. You.

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