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Beth looked shocked; Josh looked smug.I continued, "I'd also call your parents and talk to them about a custody arrangement, they love the twins. The ...wins still love them, and they actually have a legal standing where the girls are concerned. You see Lisa, I have it on good authority that I have NO biological children, and therefore NO legal standing to petition for custody of anyone's children, and yours have decided that they hate me and consider me to be unfit as a father, and are glad that. Every time it landed up her ass, she screamed. "YESS...!!! Punish me... AAhhhhh.... yes!!!!! AAAOOHHHwwwww........" I could see juices glistening on her lips.. She was getting fucking horny by her punishment. With a final underhand blow, the cloth hanger landed on her cunt.. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh.........", she screamed out loud. Her knees buckled and she collapsed on her knees on the floor. She started whimpering.., "Ahhhhhooohhhw....... I deserve to be punished.... but aah... this.. is ... I've only seen it happen once, and I never want to see him that angry again in my life. It's frightening. It's traumatic to see that gentle giant that you think you know so well, become a demon from hell bent on destruction.That moment was for me, a peek into this other world of his. A world, I never have known, and could only make guesses about, a world so foreign and strange, as if it were on a completely other planet from ours, a world harsh and brutal, cold and without consideration for. “Don’t get all randy and carried away. I want to talk to you a little bit.”It was frustrating for me but I held the urgency back and shifted on my elbows so I could look at her face.She said, “Well, you know you said you wanted to fuck me…”Excitement surged in the pit of my stomach like it was Christmas when I was small.“Uh-huh.”“We need to be clear about how we’re going to be around each other if I let you do it.”“It’ll be fine,” I said in an eager rush.My aunt grinned and rolled her.

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