Jared was a fast learner, and having watch Cole skip out the stables once he was the first to grab a fork and get to work. Cole loved watching Jared w...rk, that tight compact little body moved so neatly and every time Jared caught him looking he smiled. Cole had to fight the urge to repeat their night time activities in the empty stables. He tossed hay down from the loft, got new shaving for all the stalls and checked on all the tack. The livery owners had been by to work their horses, so the. Then she set about making pancakes to be topped with the maple syrup she found. She mixed up some orange juice and poured out a large glass for Sam. When she had finished fixing a huge breakfast, she put everything on two large plates and put the plates on a tray. She went back down the hall and tiptoed into her room."Time to wake up and eat my love," she said in a low voice.Sam's eyes opened and looked around. Amy set the tray down and went over to the bed. She propped pillows behind Sam and. He stepped aside open fridge door and took out 5 start chocolate from the fridge. He broke a long piece of it and inserted the chocolate inside my love hole. Oh what a lovely feeling it was. The coldness of chocolate bar inside my hot burning love hole with honey and chocolate smeared on my navel and pussy was a pure dessert for my lover. He ate his dessert. He ate me to the core. He started with the chocolate bar, and kept sucking it out of my love hole. I wanted to remove apron but he told me. Her skirt was pushed up to her thighs and I had a clear view of her white panties. I smiled up at her."I've been wanting to see those for ages." Well, have a close look."She pushed herself forward and grabbed my head in two hands, pressing the gusset against my mouth."Now, I will pee and you can't stop me!"Urine squeezed through the cotton into my mouth. I had no option but to drink it. I gulped down about a pint, then I choked and the piss went over my face. It was hot and smelly in my.

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