"Chen nodded and chuckled, "And everyone else must follow his divine, righteous creed." I probably shouldn't say this to one of his angels, and, if I'... guessing right, Gia's equivalent in dangerousness, but your master can be an asshole as well." You're wrong though. Not about my equivalence with Gia, though she's the better assassin because of her coldness. I tend to take things too lightly. I get amused easily. And Rosa, Nick's assassin, has the opposite problem. She's too compassionate. But. Steve laughed and agreed. Brenda paused, and said maybe we should hook them up. Steve again agreed. They decided to double with us, but to set it up to be like a blind date.All week, they kept john and I from being at their house together at the same time. This would ensure that their plan would not fail, and would be quite a surprise to us. Finally Friday was here. I was very excited and somewhat nervous. I haven't been with a man in quite some time and not to mention, on a date for years. On. “Okay, this looks perfect: ‘Vacaville Urgent Care. Special pricing for cash-paying customers. New patients can register quickly and conveniently.’ We have to ring, but then we can go straight there.”Half an hour later Grace had a new backpack with some essentials in. Her gun was in the backpack, with one tracker, waiting to be found by a secret illegal faction of the CIA. It was quite James Bond. Okay it was totally James Bond.There were two Graces at the moment. One Grace was desperate to. A mutual older friend owned the place. It was a drafty old farmhouse secluded in an urban area. Almost every night someone would buy a keg of beer and people would just seem to show up. It was a great time in my life I was young and carefree now I miss those days.I first met Dave at the party house and at first glance I found him rather unappealing. He was just an average looking guy, with not a lot to offer. I barely acknowledged his presents at the parties most of the time. He is kind of.

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