"Mmm. Tempting, but what do I get out of it?" he said playfully. "I'll do whatever you want," Miranda said without thinking. Felipe's brow jerked up a...d then his eyes turned wicked. "Did you hear that, Sven? This little slut will do ANYTHING I want to avoid the whip. That sounds entertaining, does it not?"Sven's smile was grim but amused. "I think you should take the bitch up on her offer." The other men's chuckles voiced their agreement.Felipe turned back to the sexy brunette, his lips teasing. Ab mein niche petticoat mein thi jisme maine panty nahi pehni thi aur upar blouse uske baad bra. Toh hum phir kiss karne lage kareeb 5-10 min humne kiss kiya.Yash: Mami aapko toh bahut achcha kiss karna aata hai.Me: Haan beta kabse man tha tere sath karne ka, tu kabhi samajh hi nahi paaya ki teri mami ko tera lund hi shaant karega.Yash: Ohhh mami aaj aapki chut aur gaand dono chiillaegi itna chodunga aapko.Phir kiss karne ke baad Yash ne mere blouse ke upar se hi mere bobe dabane shuru kar. And I know what rape is! Daddy, don't let him do it!" Oh, Aubrey, I wish I could stop him. But he's made it very clear: if we cooperate, we live. If we don't, we die."The intruder, not having spoken yet in Aubrey's presence, waved the gun around as if to emphasize the point I was making on his behalf."Daddy, I've never even had sex. Doesn't it hurt? Won't I get pregnant? Daddy, I'm afraid." Oh, Sweetheart, I wish there was something else we could do, but there isn't. Yes, it might hurt a bit. I stood in front of him and showed him the cane,he still refused to confess his sinful,errant ways. I took up a position behind him ,took careful aim with my cane and then brought my cane down on his very sore buttocks. It only took three stokes of the cane before he cried out very loudly the words ,' I DID IT brother,PLEASE FORGIVE ME,CATHY AND I JOINED IN AN UNNATURAL ACT'; I put my cane down and with the help of brother Thaddeus we released the boy from over the bench and made him kneel on.

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