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.."Okay, flop back some and scoot your ass over the edge. Look, you're gonna have to trust me..." Brush Cut admonished at Fred's dubious look. "It's n... problem if you don't want it ... Spread your legs -- I need to get at your ass." That got him another look, but Brush Cut waggled his currently limp dick, "C'mon! I'm gonna get THIS in THERE? Trust me!" Awright," Fred spread his legs and scooted down -- and felt Brush Cut's finger at his asshole. Brush Cut just looked at him, jacking him until. I met a few more guys but hadn't found a guy yet that I felt comfortable with, and who also possessed a big, beautiful black cock that made me want to get on my knees. I began to wonder if I could really go through with it and play it out as I'd fantasized about and masturbated to so many times. Then one day I got on a chatline and a guy messaged me and said he was what I needed. I had heard that before. He said he was 6'1", black, muscular with a 9" cut cock that needed to be sucked if I could. Constance called to let us know you were coming over. I'm Priscilla," she said, stepping aside to let me enter. From what I could see of the condo during Priscilla's quick tour, it was almost as nice as the company's office.Priscilla led me upstairs to a room at the end of a long hallway. "This is your room. I'm right across the hall, Cynthia's roommate, more or less."The room was huge. I could have fit my whole kitchen just in the closet alone.While I put my clothes away, I kept glancing at. You don't mind too much, do you?" Well, I guess not. It uh ... seems a little weird. But I guess I can live with it for a few minutes ... if you really need the practice." John did his best to hide his discomfort."You should feel lucky, John. Guys line up at our spa to have Lexi's hands on them." Lexi gave him a playful but dirty look."Ray!" Well, it's true!" he replied. "And I didn't mean it like that. I meant professionally!"After a few minutes, trying to blot out the fact that his own.

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