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After I had him undress, I pulled it out and showed it to him. "You've done great this week darling and you have one more day of training, but that is...not going to be today. I am going to lock this cage on your cock for the weekend and you will not cum until Sunday. I want you to have a nice big load for your graduation, and you will not be tied up this time, you will do it willingly."I had him go down on me as many times as possible that weekend and it made me laugh as his cock strained. With a wry smile, Sarah replied, “Yes.”“And are you going to allow him to do you again?”Sarah hesitated. Her panties felt soaked through from the old man’s spunk she could feel it against her sex and thighs. “I don’t know I don’t want to hurt you, Allen. Derrick did ask me if he could see me again but I said I’d let him know.”“Sarah I’m so turned on, look,” Allen pulled his cock out and Sarah saw the small cock with its red engorged knob, “I really do need some release.”“Darling I’m so sorry.”. Http:// He paused for a moment before turning the corner into the back room. Still there was nothing. With gun in hand, loaded and ready, he swung around the corner. He wasn’t prepared for what he found. Mona Dale was completely naked and bound to a chair. Her head sagged like a corpse’s. Her mouth was gagged. Her bare white skin was tinted blue by the evening lights. Moe immediately thought of Opal Thompson, and that this was some weird sex thing. Except this was different. With Opal, everything had.

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