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It also had a poor-quality vid tape in the evidence from a Service Station that was near the entrance to the facility.We played the vid, and I listene... to the people that had been recorded. “Shit!” I exclaimed. I stopped the vid and played back over a section. The lorry was cut off by a motorist leaving the service station. The driver swore loud enough that you could just hear him. I watched it very closely a third time, and I was sure I was correct.“What is it?” James asked me.“I know, who did. A run not only makes hosiery look ugly but if youdo it often enough becomes very expensive. It would really help if youfiled your nails on a daily basis," she advised.They left the shop with Harold wearing the red hosiery and carrying abag. The bag contained his white and black garter belts, a dozen pair ofhose and a dozen pair of panty hose. In addition there was two pair ofleggings. One pair of leggings was candy striped and the other plainblack for wearing around the house. He couldn't. I’ll be all sweaty, and gross, and o-o-o-o-h shit...”Before she could finish telling me why she didn’t think I would want to lick her, I ran my tongue up her slit and began to gently probe her opening. She was soaked. And no, she wasn’t squeaky clean. There was a tanginess, and she had a musky smell. I could taste a bit of pee, but mostly all I could taste was a woman who’d been really turned on for several hours. And since it seemed like I was the one who’d gotten her all hot and bothered, I. What did she want with me? “You don’t look too comfortable here. I’m a sophomore. We can be friends and I’ll show you around. My sister told me about you. She said me and you should be friends.”“What?” I looked her in the eyes.“Oh. Yeah, your brother mentioned you to her a few times. She told me all about him, your brother. He sounds so amazing. I have at least a hundred pictures of him on my computer with Crystal. He looks pretty amazing too.”I almost slipped right there. Almost. She knew so.

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