Last time I told you that how I fucked the best friend of my roommate’s girlfriend. This story is a different one. As I live in Kolkata, night outs ...nd clubbing are a regular affair. We always head off to some destination or a club every alternate weekend. So, this time we were in Boudoir. It was newly opened and had a decent crowd. So, we enter the club and as always, I was alone and my friends were with their girlfriend. So, they started hitting the dance floor and I was sitting in a corner. Inui: You got that right! If you can! The whole face is made up of slopes that turn aside any sword. And a thickness of 1 sun 7 bun will repel any bullet. And behind my tekkou is a technique combining the moves of schools ancient and modern, Kantou and Kansai. The Jushiki Invincible school! Those two together form the Invincible Tekkou of Inui Banshin! They have never known failure! In the place of the master that Battousai challenged and defeated, I will kill him with the Jushiki Invincible. Pooja lay on her back, legs spread, inviting me to make love to her again. As I entered her waiting vagina with my hard cock once more, Pooja let out a deep cry of pleasure and I suddenly knew why she had led us into the forest. With each thrust of my penis Pooja responded with a cry or moan that was born out of something, an emotion that resided deep within her. I realized that it was the sound of her erotic freedom, her self-liberation as a sharing, sexual woman. Our bodies responded to each. Slowly. He pauses. I'm starting to stretch around his thick cock, the same cock that I was sucking just a few minutes ago. His beautiful, thick shaft, cut and veined and hard. He pushes again, this time he means it. His head passes my point of no return. My ass takes him in. We moan together. He slides deep into me and rests again, his sweet flat stomach wet against my ass and his thick meat filling me. He starts to rock, sliding out of me. Not all the way, just enough that I can feel his head.

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