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Anything . . . if only Glenda would stop!“Get up, Julia,” came the remorseless command. “And don’t keep me waiting, girl. I might lose my pati...nce . . .”Trembling as if with fever, Julia forced herself up yet again, grabbing the side of the table to help herself on her way . . . and once more she adopted the posture demanded. The rod tapped even higher up her thigh. The broader part, where the agonising – burning weal would be longer . . .ZZZZWWWWEEE . . . CCRRAACCKKKK!“Yyyyaaaaiiieeeeeeeeeeee. They enjoyed french-kissing and exploring the world of kissing.After kissing for an extended amount of time, they undressed and played with their breasts. They pulled and pinched each other’s nipples. They took turns sucking and massaging them too. With all the exploration, their pussies were wet in their panties. You could see the wet spots forming on the center of their panties.They then, took their panties off and rubbed the other’s sweet bits. They got each other very hot with the friction. Plus, she was now sitting on it, waiting for me to return."Something on your mind?" I asked seeing that she was waiting for me to return."Just curious about something," she began hesitantly. "I know you didn't go out last night, though obviously you were still up late doing something. But it has more to do with something you sort of mentioned to me the last time we talked," she stated ... fishing, but there it was. I decided to play with the hook for a bit, before biting, letting her think she. Pure ecstasy, untainted elation, wholesome euphoria erupted with each squirt from his cock hole into Jake’s throat spasm after spasm. Jake was rubbing his face and mouth as a true blowjob aficionado into Oscar’s crotch, taking his cock and juice down his throat and consuming the white boy’s precious seed. It continued for couple of minutes until Oscar was not flexing anymore and eruptions of cum had subsided but Jake continued to nurse on even the softening cock like a baby calf at the teats of.

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