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I paid for my own burger and shake. I kept telling myself this wasn’t really a date; we just needed to discuss my schedule and did it over a...Oh, If this wasn’t a date, what was?“You’re home early,” Lily said by greeting. “Emily and I were just getting ready to watch The Golden Girls. That’s a good lesbian show.”“It’s not. Don’t fill her little head with such nonsense.”“I fill her head; she fills her diaper. Garbage in, garbage out. Now tell me about your date,” Lily said, handing my. I reached back at her place after completing my exam at 10 am by which time her children had left for school & being a Saturday, she was cooking. She opened the door & quickly ran back to the kitchen as I entered & removed my shoes & moved to the passage outside the kitchen.“how was your exam Bacha?” she asked while wiping her hands with a cloth, her hair tied in a messy bun, spectacles with a black rim & dressed in a very slightly transparent beige Salwar Kurta which showed the outline of her. "You won't believe it," he started. "I went up to the crow's nest to get some beers like you said and I hear all this moaning and groaning behind the door. I peered through the porthole and...", he trailed off."It's OK sweetie," I patted his head, putting my arm around his shoulders."No its not," he replied. "Your husband and my fiancée were…well, they were….uhhh, having sex. Well no, not technically sex. Paul was on his back in the hammock and Karin was on top of him, in a 69-like position.". I did not see things unfolding as they did; if I had, I would have taken steps to prevent it. But likemany situations, one indiscretion can lead to more and more, and the slope can be very slippery.I am not proud of what I have done, but I ask the reader to consider each step in the context of theprevious errors of judgment I made, and realize that relatively minor mistakes can lead to bigger andbigger mistakes as things can spin hopelessly out of control.Chapter One: Mistake One, Invading His.

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