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We all laughed and Simon said all the guys are coming tonight and managed to get David to come too... Becky asked about David and Simon said oh John l...kes his 10 inch fat cock dont you Jon and i said yeah a hung white guy and hes a nice guy too.I fixed breakfast and i told becky what happens here has to stay a total secret as tempting as it maybe to tell someone you can not. All the guys know this and its too good a thing to spoil.. She totally agreed and i knew she wasnt the type to talk.I had. Main raghav hu dilli ka rehne wala humeri phle ki kahanion ko padne k bad bht doston ne muje mail kiaye jankar k bht logon ko ye kahanian achi lagimain khush huto ab meri 1 or kahani apke lie hazir ha2 sal phle ki bat hauska nam sonia hawo mere ghr rhne ayi thimere ghr k pas koi xam dene ayi thiwo hodi door ki cousin thior ye phli bar hi hum mile theisse phle kabi nai mile thewo mere room me mere sath soti thicz hmare ghr me zada room nai theor tb hmare ghr me ac nai thato rat ko hum coolr k. As our tongues wrestle, you lift me and set me on the bed, never breaking contact. You make me feel so fragile, so feminine as you kiss down my neck, whispering in my ear sweet little dirty things. Lifting me, you remove the fabric from between us swiftly, deftly. I have no clue when you removed the rest of your clothing, but you are now nude and hard. Your erection pressing against my tiny hard clit, your hands and face busy with my breasts. Moaning loudly you slam into me, throwing your hips. Brandy then came over to us and said thats Ok Lori its Bobs birthday, and besideshe really likes you a lot, and I know you have the hots for him also. She protested she would neverdo anything because she knew I was married. My wife then said she knew and thats why Bob was going to make the first move and I am Ok with that.I then puled her close to me and we started kisssing and feeling each other all over.Brandy said why dont we move this in to the living room.Lori and Iwere making out on the.

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