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Please excuse me for a moment... "Sarah and Vicky!! You stop that this instant!!"Those two look so much like their mothers. And just like their mother... they can be a real handful sometimes. Oh, you don't know who I'm talking about? Sarah and Vicky are my grandchildren. Gosh, I guess there's a lot I haven't told you about yet.I'm sorry, excuse me again for just a moment... "Peter, what are you looking for? Your ball and glove? They're right over there."Really, Peter would forget his clothes if. “Sorry, I’m so sorry!” you would plead, as I pumped three fingers deep into the dripping wet tightness of your pussy until you were wriggling in my lap cumming hard over and over as I held you. (Another slap from Sookie!) Christ! Thoughts like that weren’t helping. My cock pulsed a rhythm of its own, as if I were fucking her, and a familiar churning sensation was building inside. Oh God, keep calm, I said to myself over and over, nice deep breaths, and perhaps don’t look! No, I had to look;. I thought about her most of the time I was riding imagining what she'd be like. The ride to her place was surreal knowing coitus was immanent without the courting dating rituals, social morals. Arriving at the address I was about 5 minutes late, but figured it wouldn't be an issue. I went up and knocked at the door to a nice duplex and waited. It took a minute of silence and then the lock opened and the door opened. I stepped inside checking behind the door and surveying the room. Janet the. He started to moan and this got us even more horny. I kept on sucking his nice cock till I felt his ball coming tight and I stopped. We had a deep kiss. I got him on his knees and started to lick his ass cheeks and his sexy hole. I got him on his back and we deep kissed again and this time I tried to insert a finger in him. He shivered and hold me tight. That asshole was so tight and warm inside. My finger got in and out several time and I inserted two in his ass. I then asked him if he would.

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