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Of course, in her case, it was true.She was almost as tall as I am. And I’m 6’2”. With even moderate heels she was actually a little taller.Defi...itely not fat, but not some skinny ass model either.Sandy’s shoulders were broad, her arms were muscled from hard work on a farm and her legs were perhaps thicker than SHE liked, but I loved her legs. Again, a REAL woman and not some artificial looking model.Sandy wasn’t especially big up top; I knew she was a “B” cup, but I loved her breasts. Sandy’s. He began to thrust, but stopped when I gagged a little. "Sorry baby, you felt so good. I couldn't help myself." I smiled, licking and swallowing the precum off my lip. I sat up on my knees and said, "It's okay." Kyle grabbed my hands and pulled me to his side. As we laid on our sides facing each other, he gently brushed a few strands of hair behind my ear. "I'm truly the luckiest man in the world, all because I have you." "You know what would make me the luckiest girl in the world?" "No idea.. It's loopholes have loopholes, and even thinking about it makes her head start to pound."You're sure you don't want to talk about it?" Ron asks again after refilling her wine glass.She shakes her head, then glances at the kitchen clock. "No, not tonight. And your present is nearly here."There's the familiar pop of Apparition in the living room, and Hermione rises as Ron's eyebrow does the same. She squeezes his shoulder and presses a kiss to the top of his head as she walks past him. "Top up. You’re the first man I’ve spent non-working hours with since ... well ... Tony Blair was PM when I last dated, and that didn’t work out at all.” She laughed at her admission, but it was a sad laugh, and I decided to let her decide when, or if she would share more.“Here is what we know...” She talked for almost an hour, going over every shred of evidence that connected Deirdre to the actions of her husband. The details were impressive. MI6 had kept close track of us; Much closer than I realized..

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