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.. yup ... right rear. Changing it gave me something to do.While that was going on, Jim and the miner and his herd loaded $18,070,000.00US, twenty thr...e and a half million AU, worth of gold ... a half tonUS ... one thousand pounds or four hundred fifty four kilos in the back of my truck ... plus all our gear. It was going to be a very slow trip home ... and Jim drove.He didn’t trust me ... I didn’t trust me ... I’d have wrecked us for sure.Mr. Miner volunteered the heavy lifter to transport the. After this she started to give me a hand job and I cummed in 30 sec she asked okay that’s it I fulfilled your need now let this get over but I said no mom I want this whole day and started kissing her again after 10 mins my cock got erected again now I removed her panty she said don’t do that don’t cross your limits I said, mom, this day is mine I brought rope from other room and tied her hands on the shower pipe upwards and getting behind her I started touching her pussy with my hand it was. I gently laid Jenny down on her back and stood up. As I kicked off my shoes, I said to the young beauty in my bed, “Jenny, you are so beautiful. I hope I can make your stay here as pleasurable for you as I believe it will be for me.” She smiled up at me. I looked down upon Jenny as I began to undress. Her eyes followed my hands as I unbuttoned and removed my shirt and tossed it to a nearby chair. Her eyes opened a little wider as I released my belt, unhooked my waist button, and lowered. I love being a dirty girl. I am going to cum.”And she did. She caught me off guard and stiffened up as she came. It wasn’t her loudest orgasm but it was a strong one. She seemed to stop breathing for a few seconds as she came. I did not move for fear of hurting her (and me!) and watched in amazement. When she came down a bit I asked her if she liked it.“Oh my god. I loved it. Did you cum? I want you to cum in my ass.”I gently rolled her over with my cock still in her ass and started going.

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