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Are we madly in love? Are we married? Do we fuck like five times a day?"I chuckled, "Oh, at LEAST that much."She took my hand, a playful smile on her ...ace. "I'm serious though. I want to know."I took a deep breath, suddenly self-conscious about the whole situation. Not two hours earlier, I'd been grinding my cock against Tracy's sexy naked body in the shower--and now here I was, feeling inexplicably shy."Come on," she pushed. "We've been 'revealing' things to each other all day, haven't we?". Her response to that was a deep moan and a tight grasp on my hair.Slowly my right palm moved to her left breast which was free, kneading it roughly. She entertained it. She moved her hands inside her shirt and pulled her breast out of her bra. It wasn’t out of her shirt yet but I was pleased with that. I moved my palm all over her free breast and started caressing it over her shirt.Her nipple slowly started poking out of her shirt and was tilting around as my fingers moved over it. Each palm of. I found a gully a little ways away that was downwind, where I could stash them. I searched the bodies and found walkie-talkie type radios. After verifying they were all the same, I took one. It might not hurt to monitor their traffic. I took everything useful, including some hand grenades. I also took a necklace one of them had around his neck. Normally I wouldn't have bothered, except it had symbols on it that looked very similar to the symbols on the plates my Dad had! I finished everything. I’m curious to know if you really do have a thick dick” I hit the send button and my attempt at flirtation made its journey through cyberspace.I then sat and waited for a response, I waited for about 20 minutes and nothing came, just as I was about to shut down and grab something to eat and a movie out of the massive DVD collection, I heard the infamous word “ You got mail”.“Hello gentle one, I remember you. Yes as advertised, my dick is thick and long. I can show you whenever you’re ready.”I.

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