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I didn't stop walking until my chest was an inch from his. We stared at each other for a minute, not saying anything. Finally, I bit my bottom lip."Hi..." I whispered, huskily. His smirk turned into a smile, revealing two dimples in his cheeks."Hey, baby doll." His jaw clenched as he looked me up and down. I noticed his eyes lingering on my chest. Feeling a little daring, I swayed to the music being played, pressing my boobs against his body. He rested a hand on my hip, running a finger in the. They owned a total of 112 building in the Wrigleyville and Roscoe Village areas. All were claimed by the yuppies and the rents went through the roof. He permanently froze Jane and Estelle's rent. They made a fortune from these rentals but they also paid an enormous amount of taxes too. They owned the multi-flat buildings across from Wrigley Field which had bleachers on their roofs from private entreperneurs who had to pay them seven percent of their daily take to the Howards. That alone. I barely peaked in as she opened the door to a man who was around six feet tall. Well over my mom's petite 5'3 stature. He was a tall white guy in a blazer and slicked back blonde hair. I couldn't exactly hear what they said, but I saw him lean in and put his hand on my mom's waist as they hugged amorously. She looked around the room as if to see if I was here. I was well enough hidden for her to miss me. When the coast was clear, she pulled him down to give a 5 second sloppy kiss. I could. " Michael stammered, amazed at the question."Has she ever sucked you off?" No..." he yelled. "She wouldn't ever do something like that!"Katie smiled in amusement, the boy was in love with Becky. She was the first girl he'd ever had any sexual contact with and it had blinded him to the fact that she was using him."You'd be surprised what Becky does..." Katie continued, it wasn't fair that she had to burst his illusion, but it was for his own good. "Did you know she's not even a virgin, she's.

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