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Doctor aunty takes care of her patient

This man is feeling very chilly and has called for a doctor for a home visit. He does not expect such a hot aunty to turn up. Wearing a black top and black skirt that ends at her thighs under her lab coat, she comes in and starts to examine him. Seeing her massive cleavage in that top, he is the one who starts checking her out.

During her routine examination, his face gets positioned between the valley of her boobs and he cannot resist and buries it deep between her tits. Having felt his growing erection, she allows him to stay where he is. This gives him the green signal and he takes her into his lap and starts with foreplay with her. He moves his hands all over her hot skin. He nuzzles her as his hands move all over her body. He plays and fondles with her boobs, often letting us see the fleshy part of her tits and deep cleavage. He hikes up her top to show off the belly of this hot aunty with a deep navel. Soon his hands are roaming down to her legs and thighs with the promise of the skirt being pulled up and a session of lovemaking coming up.

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