He opened it to page three and handed it to me. "See for yourself!"4 Killed in One Car CrashTwo men and two womenwere killed in a one carcrash on Cana... Rd. Authorities are w i t h o l d i n g details but sources closeto the investigation say the victims have been missing for over a week."This doesn't name names," I said, "How do you know it involves the Morton's?" This was the first I'd heard their last names!"Because Brad and Angela have been missing since last Friday night and more. “Do you mind me coming here? I don’t want to intrude.” “I like you. You’re different from all the others who have come here.” Xantina peeked out through the ferns as she spoke, fully revealing her face, and revealing more of her body in the dappled light. “I like it here. It’s peaceful,” Daniel said, enraptured with her beauty, and caught up in her emerald eyes. “If I come out, will you run away?” “Why would I?” “Big people always do. They’re scared of me,” Xantina pouted. “I’m not scared of. Do you know what Gene did with the four million dollars he borrowed from his ex wife?" Phil laughed, then nodded his head that he did."He bought the Underwood place, almost eight thousand acres. He thought he was going to make a killing, selling it to one of the big developers. Right after he bought it, the whole bottom fell out of the home building market around here. Now, all he has is the money coming in from share cropping those worn out fields. I think it pays the taxes, but not much more. Then I asked her how many guys she had been with. Well she hesitated on this answer and then try to tell me that she could not remember all of them or something. Then she said "it was alot" as she liked sex. Then she told me if I wanted I could masturbate right now in front of her, if I needed. It again turned me on to have her watch me so I pulled my pants down and started to stroke my meat with her right there front and center. I came quickly and she even held a sock to my cock to catch.

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