Sian had been called to my office for repeatly wearing her skirt to short .Sian knocked my office door and came in She was wearing white polo uniform ...op grey skirt which barley covered her modesty , On here legs she was wearing grey tights which were more sheer than the other girls were wearing ."Sit down Sian " she did not respond verbally but sat down in the chair which was a few feet from my desk. As she sat down she slightly parted her legs it was clear that she was not wearing any. I pulled and again pushed. More ... until I was pushing back and forth, enjoying the full burn of his cock stretching my pussy.I was so lost in the rubbing, scalding sensation inside, when Andrew slapped my ass, my eyes flew open.“That’s it, Mom, fuck right back.” He kissed my neck and sucked it here and there.I couldn’t stop myself, I tried but I couldn’t. I surrendered myself to my son like a slut, fucking him fucking me, fucking the whole length of his dick. I heard him moan, or was it me? I. David laughed as Cathy hurried into the house, turning towards the back of the car he tried to unobtrusively adjust his jeans to ease the pressure on his cock which had quickly grown hard at the sight of his gorgeous sister's naked body. Having re-arranged his erection he started to unload the bags and boxes that filled the back of the car, he was joined a few moments later by Cathy who was now dressed in a pair of shorts and a cropped top."What else have you been buying?" Wait and see, come on. Another hair was pulled and he cried out in pain, jerked into lifting his loins and panting as he came down again."Please!" he begged.Behind the mirrored spy holes, Emma released James's arm to rise from her stool and urgently lift her dress. Her eyes never left the little scene now being played out in front of her, or Matthew's contortions as the pubic hairs were pulled out, one by one. His pleading voice, begging his sister for leniency while all she did was continuing to torture him.Sitting.

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