You may visit on weekends, Ms Phillips." B-but, what will I do without him, Mistress Delmar?" You will need to speak with our concierge, Ms Phillips. ...he will find you a better, er, rather, a fond distraction, for you. I promise you, you will not feel lonely." T-thank you, Mistress Delmar," Maria said, but wondered what she had meant, hoping just a little bit, though she would never admit as such to her mind, that it might involve friendship, and better yet, sex. Even."It's part of the. A finger was added, and the warm, pink flesh sucked it in and still I worked away on her, tasting every bit of nectar I could. More I added, and she moaned, delighted at the spreading she was getting. Soon we were up to four, stretching and filling her cunt with slow, rhythmic bursts, until she asked for the dildo, circumventing my four inches in favour of her favourite 9 inches. With her vibrating wand against her clit I went to work, building in tempo the speed of the thrusts and the depth.. " "Come on, go on, you made me curious." "Well, lately my husband is always working, and he doesn't seem to have any time or energy left for me. In fact, since I give birth to Gina 2 years ago, he isn't interested in me anymore." "I find that hard to believe! If I had a wife as beautiful as you, I would never keep my hands off of her!" "You're so sweet! Would you like another glass of orange juice?" "Sure, thanks!" "Just sit back and enjoy the sun, I'll be right back!"After about 5 minutes,. That man was hung like a horse and you took every inch in all three holes. I told you I would find you a horse sized cock and I did. I got so turned on. Now you get to suck me dry my precious c***d." He then shoved his cock in her mouth and she gave him the best cock sucking she had gifted him with in a long time and as he filled her with cum he let out a loud scream. He quickly pulled his cock out and tongue kissed her mouth tasting his cum and loving the thought of her swallowing his warm.

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