She reclined the passenger seat as much as she could and took her shoes off. He got back into the sleeper. He then asked, "Would you like to join bed? It's not to often I have the opportunity to share my bed with a beautiful woman."She wondered if he meant just to sleep but this wasn't Joseph. So after a moment of thinking about it she said, "Thank you for the offer but I'm okay here."With that she heard him settle in the bed. She was still tired and it wasn't very long before she. “Maggie?” he asked, his voice soft but trembling. Tears suddenly flooded his eyes and threatened to run down his cheeks.The girl grinned, nodding. “My name is Beth, now. I’m actually one of your many sisters, which is probably why you didn’t recognize me. None of us look like our old selves. New DNA, new bodies, stuff like that, you know?”“You may look different,” Hank said, unable to stop smiling at her. “But you have a ... distinctive touch. My feet remembered you, even if the rest of me. I had the USB stick that would get us inside the computer. I plugged it in and waited for it to upload the software that would override the school district's security. It only took a few minutes to get in, and we had enough time to download the school's student files. With any luck they would give us more information about Rosario and his associates than we already had.When we'd finished we drove to the place we were supposed to meet our Grant's "friend." Jesse Herrera was your typical high. What could they hope to accomplish? Couldn’t they see darkness coiled up even now choking the light out of his soul? All the man had to do was open his eyes and look into death, death was before him, holding him within its hypnotic grasp . . . He felt his back give way, felt the tiger spring free of the rock as his head slipped to the cool granite, and he felt the tiger’s roar start deep within the earth. The noise came on like a volcano, sharp and hot and full of fire, and the world withered.

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